Cavalli in riva al mare

Giorgio de Chirico, Cavalli in riva al mare

Giorgio de Chirico

Material and technique: 
olio su tela
129,5 x 96,5 cm
Galerie L'Effort Moderne, Paris; Léonce Rosenberg, Paris; Dikran Kalekian, New York

Another masterpiece of the Bilotti gift, in this painting the two horsemen advance elegantly, with the horse’s manes blown by the wind and their tails undulating, on a beach caressed by the light of dawn, or perhaps, the opposite, a violet twilight. The particular and visionary atmosphere of this painting is due to two elements: the temple in the background, which is more of a phantom than real architecture, painted in watery brushstrokes in the same colours as the sky, and the pediment floating on the calm water, like an image flowering from a sea of memory. Thanks to the masterful use of oils, the painting is almost reduced to just two tones suffused with light.

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