Outstanding collections ranging from prehistory to modern and contemporary art, from the masterpieces of the world's oldest public museum to heritage-enhancing projects using the latest digital technologies.

Sistema Musei di Roma Capitale is this and more.

It is also a lively museum network, animated by exhibitions and special events. Each day, many educational activities are scheduled: guided tours, talks, workshops and special projects that are appropriate for all types of visitors.

Many different and stimulating ways of knowing our cultural heritage, a common and shared good which must be appreciated and protected.

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N.I.C.-Nature is cool(c)Hofstetter_Kurt
Museo Carlo Bilotti Aranciera di Villa Borghese
21 September 2023 - 21 January 2024
Barbara Doser and Hofstetter Kurt design a fascinating exhibition itinerary studded with videos, installations, image prints, projections and sculptures, whose common thread is the interweaving and simultaneity of opposites.
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Museo Carlo Bilotti Aranciera di Villa Borghese
27 October 2023 - 30 June 2024
Offerta didattica per le scuole anno 2023-2024
Museo Carlo Bilotti visite tattili-sensoriali
Museo Carlo Bilotti Aranciera di Villa Borghese
05 August 2022 - 31 December 2023
Una visita guidata tattile-sensoriale con operatori specializzati disponibile su richiesta.